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Hydra – ‘Point Break’

Frontiers Records
Find Me, Kraemer, Poison Rose, First Signal
Release Date
August 12, 2022
Frontiers Records
Melodic Rock

                Melodic rock is full of underrated musicians and Henrik Hedström falls into this category. The virtuoso musician has spent his days writing professionally, not just for the likes of Warner Bros. but also getting involved with other Frontiers Records acts such as First Signal. This year has Hedström stepping out into his own with Hydra who have released their latest album ‘Point Break’.

                Hydra isn’t just a one-man project with Hedström doing everything himself, to alleviate some of the stress of ‘Point Break’, Hedström is joined by Daniel Flores known for his drumming work with The Murder of My Sweet, First Signal and Find Me and with Flores also comes Find Me bassist Jonny Trobro with the vocals handled by Andi Kravljaca of Seventh Wonder. With musicians like this in the fold, it is no wonder that ‘Point Break’ shows Hydra delivering some great melodic rock with big chorus’ and heartfelt lyrics delivered through a top-quality production which pulls the listener in with Hydra having all the enjoyability of other great modern melodic rock bands like Find Me, Kraemer and Poison Rose.

                As a debut album, ‘Point Break’ is a great way for Hydra to announce their arrival as Hedström steps out of the shadows and into his own and any fan of melodic rock should definitely give this a shout

"Henrik Hedström steps out of the shadows and into his own"

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