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Everything you need to know about Deathfeast Open Air 2022 

  • Deathfeast Open Air opens its doors on August 25, 2022, to celebrate the most brutal party of the year for three days.
  • The most extreme Festival in Europe will take place in 56626 – Andernach (Germany) from 25th August – 27th August.
  • For 75 Euro (plus the pre-sale fee) you will get 33 bands from around the world, delivering the best Death Metal and Extreme Music you can imagine.
  • The Deathfeast Open Air is from Fans of Extreme Music for Fans of extreme Music.
  • Deathfeast Open Air 2022 Line-Up: Suffocation (USA) | Benighted (FR) | Beheaded (MT) | WORMED (E) | INGESTED (UK) | GUTALAX (CZ) | Extermination Dismemberment (BY) | Organectomy (NZ) | Analepsy (PT) | Coffin Feeder (BE) | Leng Tch’e (BE) | Stillbirth (GER) | Vomit The Soul (IT) | Korpse (NL) | Gutslit (IN) | Brutal Sphincter (BE) | Epicardiectomy (CZ) | Cumbeast (FIN) | Endseeker (GER) | Monasteries (UK) | Tortharry (CZ) | Profanity (GER) | Hurakan (FR) | Bloodtruth (IT) | Kanine (FR) | Phrymerial (E) | Cote d’Aver (NL) | Basement Torture Killings (UK) | Necrosy (IT) | Human Prey (GER) | Bound To Prevail (MT) | Aceldama (CR) | Gore Dimension (TR)
  • 33 Bands from 17 different countries!


Come on in!

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