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Cabin Boy Jumped Ship – ‘Sentiments’

AFM Records
Bring Me the Horizon, Spiritbox, InVisions, ChuggaBoom, Breathe Atlantis
Release Date
AFM Records
Metalcore/Post Hardcore

When a band fits neatly into the conventions of their musical genre the best way for them to stand out is to execute those conventions expertly. On ‘Sentiments’, Cabin Boy Jumped Ship, perform hip-hop-inspired metalcore deftly and passionately. The album is excellently paced because each song is written with numerous peaks and valleys. The band moves seamlessly from electronic ambient beats to crushing modern metal and sprinkles in the occasional rap verse.

The choruses are all melodic and catchy. Cabin Boy Jumped Ship takes full advantage of the range they achieve by having two distinct vocalists. While both singers are deft at screaming, the drummer handles the “pretty” vocal duties. Between his lovely falsettos and the lead singer’s deep growls, they are able to weave between melodies that could easily be pop songs right into punishing djent laden breakdowns.

The lyrical themes cover depression, self-loathing, and angry dissatisfaction with the state of the world they have inherited. Particularly striking was the chorus to ‘Suffering’ which laments, “Rescue me, Keep me safe and sound away from misery, This world’s suffocating, How do we allow these fools to be our presidents, When the world’s suffering which they’re denying?” If you’re a fan of modern metalcore, Cabin Boy Jumped Ship delivers a worthy entry into your catalogue

"Cabin Boy Jumped Ship delivers a worthy entry into your catalogue"

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