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CIRITH UNGOL to perform at Necronomicon Providence – only headlining East Coast show of 2022

What’s old has become new again. The globe was ravaged by pandemic in the wake of the release of the band’s triumphant reunion album Forever Black in April 2020. Cirith Ungol have awakened again from their ancient crypts, drawing back the veiled mists of history to expose to their fans long-forgotten jewels from their storied past with select live performances.

Of them, Cirith Ungol‘s upcoming performance at Necronomicon Providence – a biyearly weird fiction convention – will be the band’s only headlining East Coast show of 2022. Set to take place on Friday, August 19th at the Columbus Theatre in Providence, Rhode Island, the show will feature direct support by Warhorse and Sanhedrin. Ticket info can be found HERE

Come on in!

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