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Space of Variations – ‘Imago’ EP

Napalm Records
We Came As Romans, August Burns Red, Fit For A King
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Napalm Records

Ukraine has been in the public eye for less than joyous reasons lately. Rest assured, the music scene, while seeing challenges, is alive and very well. After a few spins, I have decided Space of Variations (SoV) couldn’t decide on which musical direction to pursue, so they basically took them all. And danged if it doesn’t work. ‘Imago’ combines Electronica, Rap, Metalcore, and unbridled rage. There are moments when I expected Jonathan Davis to start scatting and then moments that would easily accent many Fear Factory tracks. Melodies skitter and slam over roaring rhythms while clean vocals and screams are masterfully juxtaposed. Beautifully recorded, it is filled with massive swells, colossal breakdowns, and genuine passion; the band’s soul is on full display.

Hands down (for now) the standout is “Ultrabeat,” featuring Ukrainian rapper Alyona Alyona.  Combining beatdown aggression with pure elation, it is a blast from first note to last.  Like all four tracks, it has many moving parts, all swirling and pummeling, all requiring multiple listens. Wouldn’t wanna miss anything, right?

 ‘Imago’ offers more variety than many releases three times its size. The full album is slated for release in September. I look forward to what else the band has to offer.  

"‘Imago’ offers more variety than many releases three times its size"

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