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God Is An Astronaut – ‘The Beginning of the End (Live 20 Year Anniversary Release)’

Napalm Records
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Napalm Records
Post Rock

                Evolution, natural selection based on survival of the fittest, a concept which the Westboro Baptist Church can get their knickers in a real twist about and for fans of ‘Pokémon’ to endlessly debate online. Now, that is an interesting Venn Diagram. Evolution is also something that happens to bands, they change and adapt over time and this year has God is an Astronaut (GIAA) returning to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut album by releasing ‘The Beginning of the End’ as a unique live performance.

The original version of ‘The Beginning…’ was a post rock masterpiece for the Irish quartet and what ‘The Beginning of the End (Live 20 Year Anniversary Release)’ shows that GIAA have not spent the last 20 years of their career resting on their laurels. This live album isn’t so much of a reimagining, but a rather a homage to, it is stylistically the same to that debut album but there are nuances here which show just how far the band have come, little changes that make things slightly different that may have been missing on that original release. Furthermore, this shows not just how much GIAA have grown as musicians, but also how at home the band is in the live environment.

Yeah sure, there’s no audience to interact with here and the listener would actually never guess this was live because it is sublime in its delivery and any fan of post-rock will this to be a magnificent gem within the genre.

"a magnificent post-rock live gem"

Come on in!

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