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Lhaäd – ‘Below’

Babylon Doom Cult/Extraconscious/Fólkvangr Records
Hate Forest, Darkspace, Mysticum, Thorns
Release Date
Babylon Doom Cult/Extraconscious/Fólkvangr Records
Black Metal

It is a well-known heavy metal fact that black metal musicians get around. Whilst progressive metal musicians sit around with their thumbs wedged into their arseholes, black metal musicians run around like kids on whizz, flitting from one project to another in a bid to keep themselves occupied. One such musician is Lykormas from Belgium known for his work with Hemelbestormer, Wolven and Entartung with his latest project Lhaäd with their debut album ‘Below’.

                When it comes to being dark, Lhaäd hit the nail on the head, this is the bottom of the abyss dark, perfect darkness and Lykormas exploits this perfectly. To achieve this bleakness, Lhaäd take to the black metal highway, and drive along with all the blast beats needed to do this sound right; yet Lhaäd veer off and then make it really interesting as Lykormas brings in elements of not only ambience, but also coupled with enough industrial nuances to make this 40-minute six piece ‘Below’ suite pull the listener in. It is no surprise that ‘Below’ has the marks of Lykormas all over it having all the enjoyability of Hate Forest, Mysticum and Thorns.

                What Lhaäd have delivered with ‘Below’ is a great album of black metal with enough extras to make this interesting without venturing into the realms of post black metal and anyone who likes their black metal to do something a little more than ‘Below’ is a good shout.  

"black metal with a little more"

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