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Arc Arrival – ‘Amethyst’ EP

Independent Release
As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, Bullet For My Valentine
Release Date
Independent Release
Technical Metalcore

Arc Arrival formed in Stirling, Scotland and although relatively new to the metal scene, they’re already making a splash with their brand of technical metalcore with the Scots having all the appeal of Bullet for My Valentine, As I Lay Dying and Killswitch Engage. Arc Arrival have been busy in the last few years and now, this year has the band showing no signs of slowing down as they release their latest EP ‘Amethyst’.

This EP shows just how savage that Arc Arrival can be as ‘Amethyst’ shows that the band show no mercy when it comes to their breakdowns as riff after riff pummel the listen showing that not only do Arc Arrival have skill, but with it, they are also able to make their personality stand tall as they continue to develop their own identity within the scene. This is achieved through the raw sound which ‘Amethyst’ shows, unlike many of their peers, this is an unpolished nugget which make it a pleasing listen with ‘Forsaken’ being a highlight. However, the four tracks here all come in the same flavour, and it is difficult to find difference between them. Therefore ‘Amethyst’ can be chaotic where it is hard to focus on which track is which as they bleed into each other, and it does feel like at times maybe two bands are playing at the same time vying for the attention of the listener as they sit on the fence.

The rawness and the passion drag ‘Amethyst’ through, it is rough around the edges, but it does what an EP is designed to do and that is showcase what Arc Arrival are capable of and it will be interesting to see how they tackle a full-length studio album.

"Arc Arrival continue to develop their identity within the scene"

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