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L0rd Kha0s – ‘MLC: XL’

Independent Release
Malevolent Creation, Six Feet Under, Vader
Release Date
Independent Release
Death Metal

With MLC: XL, L0rd Kha0s pens a love letter to all the metal he adores. The album’s opening track is a punk-infused hardcore song that is followed by a depressive thrash offering reminiscent of the post-grunge era. From there, our L0rd brings us into his passion for classic heavy metal complete with high-pitched vocal wails. At this point, the listener is further thrown off balance with the song ‘Daydreaming (v1)’ which is a clean grunge ballad with all the vocals handled by a female.

After the reprieve, the album takes a darker turn with the straight death metal songs ‘Like You’, ‘Beyond the Veil’, and ‘More Knife Incisions’.  Not to be satisfied, Mr. Kha0s then brings us the blackened death metal song ‘Nowhere… Now Where?’. Next is ‘Freedom’ which features a guest appearance from Nile’s Karl Sanders. L0rd Kha0s then revisits his clean ballad with ‘Daydreaming (v2)’ this time with male vocals delivered similarly to Marilyn Manson. No metal tribute record would be complete without an instrumental. ‘Three Bunnies’ is a high octane delivered instrumental, however, it suffers from a lack of lead guitar. Clocking in at five minutes and forty-six seconds a good guitar solo or two would have helped keep the attention throughout the song. L0rd Kha0s demonstrated fine lead guitar skills on other songs, which makes the decision to not include them on the instrumental perplexing.

The album is fifteen songs and over an hour long. It seems like this record is almost more of a resume showcasing L0rd Kha0s’ versatility and ability than it is a cohesive artistic offering. Ranging from classic metal, thrash, hardcore punk, grunge, death, black metal, and even grindcore ‘MLC: XL’ is a metal history lesson. Any listener is likely to find songs one would love, but conversely, they are likely to also dislike several others.

"a resume showcasing L0rd Kha0s’ versatility and ability"

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