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Bergfried – ‘Romantik, Vol. I’ EP

Independent Release
Lordian Guard, Wytch Hazel, Grendal’s Sÿster Slough Feg, Hammers Of Misfortune
Release Date
Independent Release
Heavy/Folk Metal

                “I heard you’re sick, let me read a book to you that my grandfather read to me and his grandfather before him and so on and so forth….this is the story of a farm girl and a stable boy” Ok, that was a TLDR of the start to ‘The Princess Bride’, but it sets the scene perfectly for what is ‘Romantik, Vol.I’ the debut EP from Bergfried.

                This EP is the brainchild of Erech Lelth, the virtuoso musician best known for his work within the black metal scene. However, with ‘Romantik, Vol.I’, Lelth takes us leftfield, instead of blast beats, tremolo picking and other black metal tropes, Bergfried takes in something akin to trad metal. Naming it ‘Romantic Medieval Metal’, the vocal duties are handed over to Anna de Savoy who delivers an exceptional performance whose voice drives us through four tracks of beautiful metal which swings from all out heavy metal through to folk/metal as the likes of ‘The Battle’ and ‘War-Torn Lovers’ have all the appeal of Lordian Guard, Wytch Hazel and Grendal’s Sÿster whilst stretching out on its own accord.

                As an EP, ‘Romantik, Vol.I’ is very good, it does something which is quite unexpected, and it will be interesting to see where this project goes. Play it again? “as you wish”.

"Play it again?... 'as you wish'"

Come on in!

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