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Karl Sanders – ‘Saurian Apocalypse’

Napalm Records
Senmuth, Akhenaten, Dark Delirium, Arcana, Equimanthorn
Release Date
Napalm Records
Middle Eastern/Egyptian Ambient

                Egyptology and metal have always gone hand in hand. The mysteries and mythologies of the desert sands have fascinated musicians for decades and one such band who have always taken this to heart are Nile. Masterminded by Karl Sanders, the musician is also an accomplished solo artist who has released ‘Saurian Apocalypse’ his latest ambient trip across the Nubian landscape.

                  Much like the rest of Sanders’ solo career; ‘Saurian Apocalypse’ will not be for everyone. If you’re expecting something which sounds like Nile, then you’ll be solely disappointed. If Sanders’ musical pedigree was ever in any doubt, which it shouldn’t considering his tech death chops, then listeners will find ‘Saurian Apocalypse’ to be a musical masterpiece of ambient, cinematography soundscapes. Yeah, sure, it doesn’t pull your face off, wear it like a skin pizza and then make you eat it, but it doesn’t need to, the instruments do the talking here as sailing ships across the desert fade in the Arabian sun as crescendos and diminuendos take the listener on a journey which transcends both time and space.

                Yes, ‘Saurian Apocalypse’ can drift into background music, but it doesn’t always need conscious listening to fully appreciate. If you are not a fan of ambient music, then this album will do nothing for you. However, if this is your bag then ‘Saurian Apocalypse’ will hit the spot over and over again being perfect to whack on in the background whilst you put your feet up and read a book or abuse people on social media, whatever you choose to do.

"a near perfect album of ambient Middle Eastern sounds"

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