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Psycroptic – ‘Divine Council’

Prosthetic Records
Spawn of Possession, Gorod, Decapitated, Anata, Revocation, Ouroboros
Release Date
August 5, 2022
Prosthetic Records
Technical Death Metal

Death metal is like soup, it comes in so many varieties these days. Go to the shop, they’re all there on the shelf, old-school, brutal, progressive and technical are just some examples available, often in a three for two deal. The latter of those subgenres has a very strong following worldwide and one band are Psycroptic as the Tasmanian band deliver their latest album ‘Divine Council’.

                In the last decade, Psycroptic have entered a purple patch of creativity, their last few albums have been utterly superb, and it is hardly surprising that with ‘Divine Council’ the Tasmanians continue this streak. Therefore, what Psycroptic deliver is an album of top-quality technical death metal which could arguably be their best release. This is a true powerhouse of tech death that has everything that any fan of the band and genre could ever want; polyrhythms, staccato riffs and chainsaw guitars where tracks such ‘A Fool’s Errand’, ‘Ashes of Our Empire’ and ‘A Fragile Existence’ contain all the power of anything this band have achieved before as they continue to push their own boundaries. Furthermore, these songs are relatively short, nothing tops five minutes with the whole album clocking in at under 40 minutes means that nothing outstays its welcome.

                What Psycroptic have delivered here is a superb album of tech death and any fan of the genre should head out and grab a copy of ‘Divine Council’ because it will undoubtedly be one of the best albums of the genre come year end.

"a superb album of tech death"

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