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The Tangent – ‘Songs from the Hard Shoulder’

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It’s time to sit back, grab your favourite beverage, and relax to The Tangent’s latest album, ‘Songs From The Hard Shoulder’!

This album is a phenomenal work of art, opening with ‘The Changes’ which tells of the isolation felt during the Covid pandemic, but from a more positive light and how we should be looking for something better, rather than going back to the ‘same old’ routines. ‘The Changes’ also shows The Tangent’s mastery of music, with mesmerising keyboards, fantastic guitar solos, all of which are beautifully complemented by the vocals, and the fluid way the song changes pace and tone throughout this 17 minute long enthralling story. ‘The Lady Tied to the Lamp Post’ is another 20 minute long masterpiece that sounds very much like a combination of Pink Floyd, David Bowie, and a bit of Yes thrown in for good measure! This song talks about, well, the lady who is tied to the lamp post on the album cover, with “plastic bags for socks”, and journeys through her dark story of being lost, forgotten, and abandoned. The Tangent throw in a tangent into their album with a 4 minute up-beat track, ‘Wasted Soul’, which really brings to life the joy and hopefulness of the end of the current Covid pandemic. The album is nicely rounded off with a cover of UK’s ‘In the Dead of Night’, but turning UK’s 5 minute song into a 16 minute prog rock work of art, with the usual growth and twists and turns you would expect from The Tangent.

All in all, a fantastic album that was inspired by the Covid pandemic, but would have been greatly welcomed to help us get through Covid lockdowns, had it been released by then!

"a fantastic album"

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