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Master – ‘The Human Machine’ (Reissue)

Hammerheart Records
Massacre, Cancer, Death Strike, Slaughter, Possessed, Speckmann Project
Release Date
August 5, 2022
Hammerheart Records
Death/Thrash Metal

Not enough credit is given to the longevity of some bands. There are those who live on the periphery of the radar who have been releasing albums for over 30 years now and one of those bands is Master. This year has Hammerheart Records taking a step back to 2010 by reissuing ‘The Human Machine’.

                Back in 2010, ‘The Human Machine’ was warmly received on Pulverised Records before it was consigned to the bowels of out of print. What the listener gets here is the perfect chance to get their hands this album once again. ‘The Human Machine’ is a decent album of death/thrash metal that sticks to its guns and does what Master are good at. However, apart from some expanded artwork done by Eliran Kantor known for their work with the likes of Venom, Death and Celtic Frost, there isn’t actually anything extra here, nothing that will force the purchaser to dig into their pockets and part with some more cash.

                This means that unless you have a reason to purchase this album such as replacing a clapped-out copy or plain just wanting to add to your collection, then there really isn’t anything here for it. But those who do partake will find an enjoyable Master album which shows the band are still a force to be reckoned with.

"a plain bog-standard reissue"

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