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Nocturnal Wanderer – ‘Gift of the Night’

Nameless Grave Records
Havukruunu, Arckanum, Eosphoros, Malokarpatan, Panphage
Release Date
Nameless Grave Records
Black Metal

Step into the world of the Pacific northwest, the place heavily wooded by evergreen trees, mountainous landscapes and loaded with indigenous folklore. This temperate climate is ripe for the picking of black metal, and it is no wonder that this is where Nocturnal Wanderer hail from as they deliver their debut album ‘Gift of the Night’.

                Under the black starlit night of Oregon is where ‘Gift of the Night’ was recorded and as it gazes out across into the Pacific horizon, the cold sound of Nocturnal Wanderer arrives. This is an old-school black metal sound, there is nothing fancy here; there are no post-black metal musings or grandiose lyrics doused in metaphor and simile. Instead, what the listener gets here is that minimalist approach, a simple plan to deliver black metal without ever being something that it isn’t. This means that tracks such as ‘Distant Stars in Distant Skies’, ‘Darkness in Rapture’ and the beautiful closing instrumental ‘The Amberdawn’ take the listener on a long night’s journey into the twilight of morning with all the appeal of Havukruunu, Malokarpatan and Arckanum.

                Nocturnal Wanderer may be shrouded in mystery as the night obscures their true identity, but ‘Gift of the Night’ is a truly beautiful piece of black metal which patters along nicely by the campfire light. What more could you want? 

"a truly beautiful piece of minimalistic black metal"

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