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Heavy Metal Therapy | I Can’t Do This.

That thought. That endless, relentless thought

– ‘I can’t do this’.

Hate it when that happens. It’s been tapping away at my cerebrum for the last few hours as I’ve tried to sit and find something to write about. Poking about making me feel that I’m rather useless a failure, an imposter as is its special skill. It’s a nasty sneaky thought that just pops up at the most inopportune times especially when you’re possibly trying to do something difficult, something new or something that has pressure attached to it (either from others to do it or from yourself to perform the task well) but there it is – ‘I can’t do this’.

Rather annoyingly (and unhelpful too) is the fact that as humans we tend to focus more on our negative thoughts than positive ones. If we are trying to weigh something up or make a decision, we’re more likely to look at the negatives and disregard or not even notice the positives. So, on top of ‘I can’t do this’ your brain will probably offer to present you with a montage of all the similar times you didn’t do something so well or a delightful cut scene to an imagined outcome of the scenario where anything that could go wrong does.

So, what is the antidote to the ‘I can’t do this’ thought? There are a few things that might be of use. Catching hold of that thought/being aware of it and challenging it to give some back up to that statement might mean you get somewhere with seeing that it’s a cut scene and not a fact. Taking a breath and letting that thought go might help. I can’t do this can always of course be counteracted with the delightfully positively motivating

‘Oh yes, I f*cking can – you just watch me!!’.

Metal Digest is hosting a Mental Health Focus column with Heavy Metal Therapy.

Our goal and aspiration is to post our stories, educate, share resources, encourage our readers to talk about mental health, and most importantly create a community bound with the sounds of heavy metal, so that we are all, less alone.

We will keep the conversation going and we will be sharing interviews, playlists, articles and resources so stay tuned for more!

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