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Coheed and Cambria – ‘Vaxis II: A Window of the Waking Mind’

Roadrunner Records
The Mars Volta, The Dear Hunter, The Prize Fighter Inferno, Circa Survive
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Roadrunner Records
Progressive/Hard/Electronic Rock

It’s time to crank up the volume for Coheed and Cambria’s new album, ‘Vaxis II: A Window of the Waking Mind’.

The album opens with a cinematic one and a half minute track that urges you to feel hyped up for the coming album, however that seems to be the beginning and end to the epicness of the album, as ‘Beautiful Losers’ kicks in after the introduction with polished guitar riffs, clean and poppy vocals that feels like more of a ‘teeny’ film soundtrack compared with the cinematic battle that was hinted with the opening track, ‘The Embers of Fire’. This trend carries on with the rest of the album, with a very ‘easy listening’ sound to each song, that is not to say that this album is a bad album as long as you are expecting a very accessible sound. The track ‘The Liars Club’ is a good example of this album, with its light and angsty lyrics and vocals, broken up with an up-beat and driven chorus that gives off the impression that you’re currently listening to the soundtrack from any teen comedy/drama from the past 20 years, with a pop punk overtone. The exception to the rule with this album, at the end of the album the track ‘Window of the Waking Mind’ opens up like a cinematic masterpiece, with a crescendo of brass instruments, marching drums, and lyrical acoustic guitar, that builds to powerful epic song that wonderfully tells a story overtured by epic guitar riffs, complementary march-like drums, and briefly broken up with eerie breaks that build you up to another epic page in the story.

All in all, a well produced album that should be easily accessible to a wide audience.

"different, but well produced"

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