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Stoner Punks BOKASSA to Embark on European Tour in September

Hailing from Trondheim, Norway, hard rock trio BOKASSA have made a name for themselves with their brand of hard-hitting, melodic, catchy punk and metal fused stoner riffs, straight from their first full length, Divide & Conquer (2017). During the Worldwired tour with METALLICA, the band released the critically acclaimed Crimson Riders (2019). On top of this, the Norwegians were nominated for the prestigious Spellemann-Award for Breakthrough of the Year in 2020.

Now, following the release of their latest album, Molotov RocktailBOKASSA will finally embark on an European tour together with Greek heavy rockers Planet of Zeus to present their untameable power live on stage!

BOKASSA  on their upcoming tour:
“We are beyond excited to finally be able to go out on this European tour with Planet Of Zeus and play live again. While we’ve been playing Xbox, binging Netflix and listening to every podcast in existence, we have also been starved for live music. Now we are back on the road – we´ve waited a long time for this and are so ready to finally bring Molotov Rocktail to the people. Expect two overly hyped bands that are stoked as hell to be playing live music again.” 

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On Molotov Rocktail, vocalist and guitarist Jørn Kaarstad’s unmistakably raspy voice and crushing guitar riffs hit satisfyingly hard with the snappy drumming and fat bass tone of drummer Olav Dowkes and bassist Bård Linga. Songs like “Hereticules” effortlessly pull off the transition between melodic choruses and punishing breakdowns, while the title track “Molotov Rocktail” is two minutes of pure stoner punk paradise with its dense songwriting and dynamic production. The album closer’s intro riff (“Immortal Space Pirate 3 Too Old For This Sith”), meanwhile, could be lifted straight off a classic BEHEMOTH album. BOKASSA’s daring but cohesive tightrope act of singalongs and neck breaking grooves is highly contagious – mixed and mastered by Machine (CLUTCHTHE BRONXEVERY TIME I DIE), the powerhouse from Trondheim misses no chance to entrance the listener with every second of runtime!
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