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OU – ‘One’

InsideOut Music
Devin Townsend, Devin Townsend Project, The Gathering, Radiohead, IATT, Mares of Thrace
Release Date
InsideOut Music
Progressive Rock/Metal

It’s time to strap in for a ride into the unknown with OU’s debut album, ‘One’.

OU have blasted their way into the progressive rock genre with this superbly dynamic and vibrant album, with rich melodies, dream-like atmosphere, and mix of heavy and light musical prowess. The closest way to describe their sound would be as an experimental Devin Townsend collection of modern progressive rock. From the opening track, ‘Travel’, with it’s fast, deep, and changing synth and guitar that is complemented with eerie and calming vocals that gives off a vibe of a calming panic attack (as weird as that sounds… It’s the only way I can describe the feeling). Each song brings its own unique range of emotions and aesthetic, with tracks like ‘Euphoria’ that opens with a wonderfully cheery riff, calming vocals, and progresses into a falling dream-like synth echo, like being trapped under water whilst being presented with a mixture of lullaby-like vocals, and distant sci-fi whale song. The album is nicely rounded off with the final two tracks, ‘Dark’ and ‘Light’, with Dark starting out with an almost nursery rhyme opening, and quickly kicking off to a heavy guitar riff and horror-like vocals to make a superb and gripping track, and then quickly followed by Light that feels like a 4-minute dose of synth-based anesthetic, with ringy high tones and eerie dream-like vocals.

All in all, a really good album for those looking for something a bit different to kick-back and relax to.

"something a bit different to kick-back and relax to"

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