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Kaipa – ‘Urskog’

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It’s time to crank up the volume, sit back, and immerse ourselves in the latest album by Kaipa, ‘Urskog’!

The album is a bright, peaceful and breezy walk through the majestic musical forest of Urskog, and from the beginning with ‘The Frozen Dead of the Night’, with its light and welcoming, lyrical music, you will be welcoming in the spring and “greet you with all our hearts today”. This track is followed by “In a World of Pines”, which from the start gives you a sense of uplifting wonder as you are guided through the “wooded mountain sides”, under the canopy of this magical forest with glimpses of crepuscular rays of a life-giving sun. The album’s title track, ‘Urskog’, deepens the tone of the album, with its mesmerising guitars and dark tones, and the addition of the Swedish lyrics telling of the Swedish folk lore of the primeval forest. The album’s final track, ‘The Bitter Setting Sun’, highlights the anger of the end of summer, but the calmness as the arrival of autumn brings its own beauty, and the celebration felt with the bitter beauty of the temporary death and coming shorter days.

This album promises to take you through a magical sonic forest of Urskog, and it wonderfully delivers you to this world, with masterfully crafted music and lyrics.

"masterfully crafted music and lyrics"

Come on in!

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