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Xenomorph: Creating in a warehouse, surrounded by cold machinery and truly broken souls…

Conceived during the late night hours of a packaging and sorting warehouse, RÜSTWELT was a product of an artist who was in utter misery and existentialism. It was a second job needed to make ends meet, taking away even more of the soul, an existence of total servitude and isolation.

The nightly walk into the bowels of the roaring machinery, past whirring conveyor belts, rusted beams and chain link barriers, it felt more like a prison than a means of income.

The downcast, sallow, and malnourished faces of those whose shift was overfilled the artist with dread that this was to be his fate in due time.

Day after day, week after week, and month after month, he found himself left to his own thoughts inside a small area sorting heavy items completely alone.

It felt like pure hell.

Only the music of favourite black metal artists from memory, as no personal effects were allowed within, kept him sustained intellectually, and melodies, riffs, song titles, and eventually the term RUST WORLD (or Armor World, a nuance in the styling of RÜSTWELT, a nod to the manufacturing of metal parts in this facility), came into focus. Within time, the financial obligations were met, free time was made, and he was able to begin writing this solo work from the solitude of the studio, taking 8 months from concept to execution.

In this work, the artist known as Xenomorph hopes to communicate the sheer misery of the working class existence, the abuse and hopelessness found within these systems of labour, and perhaps provide a small path to enlightenment for those who find themselves in similar circumstances. 

Xenomorph – All Instruments Mastered by Mike Ogden Album Art by Rotting Reign

Digital album available here:… Follow/Support Xenomorph:………………

Xenomorph – Rüstwelt (Full Album)

Country: United States

Genre: Raw Black Metal

Release Date: July 22nd, 2022
Label: Independent

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