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Graveshadow – ‘The Uncertain Hour’

M-Theory Audio
Unleash the Archers, Seven Spires, Epica, Helion Prime, Last Days of Eden
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M-Theory Audio
Symphonic Metal

You walk through a forest; the sun has gone and in the distance a wolf howls sending chills down your spine. From behind the trees, a shriek is heard, and something charges out… roll initiative. What you are facing is ‘The Uncertain Hour’, the third album from Graveshadow who are returning for the first time since 2018.

                Although classed as symphonic metal, ‘The Uncertain Hour’ is not your usual trope of snow laden landscapes, raven feathers, corsets, and vocals so operatic it could shatter glass. What Graveshadow show here is something which is much more akin to power metal as the Californian band have gone back to the drawing board with an almost entire line-up change with only the guitars of William Lloyd Walker and Aaron Robitsch remaining from the previous incarnation with Luci Rae, Bones and Rachl Quinn filling the bass, drums and vocals respectively. However, the newly installed vocals of Quinn, is the missing piece which has been missing from Graveshadow’s earlier work and now those galloping rhythms are coupled with a powerhouse vocal that have all the appeal of Unleash the Archers and Seven Spires.  

                ‘The Uncertain Hour’ opens up a brand-new exciting chapter in the book of Graveshadow, there is a lot of potential here and hopefully, the band can keep this momentum going.

"‘The Uncertain Hour’ opens up a brand-new exciting chapter in the book of Graveshadow"

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