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Fellowship – ‘The Saberlight Chronicles’

Scarlet Records
Twilight Force, Rhapsody of Fire, Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica
Release Date
Scarlet Records
Symphonic Power Metal

Following the dissolution of Rezinwolf in 2017, Callum Tuffen and Brad Wosko joined forces with Power Force heroes Sam Browne and Matthew Corry to forge a new adventuring party. This merry band named themselves Fellowship and set off into the wilderness of symphonic power metal to deliver their debut album ‘The Saberlight Chronicles’.

                Hopefully, you’ll have your PHB underneath your arm and your +3 sword because you’ll need it to help Fellowship slay the beasts ahead. ‘The Saberlight Chronicles’ is an excellent album of symphonic power metal; from its very start it does not back down, ‘The Saberlight Chronicles’ is everything that any fan of this genre could ever want as tracks such as ‘Until the Fire Dies’, ‘The Saint Beyond the River’ and ‘Glory Days’ not only touch on Blind Guardian, but have all the appeal of Twilight Force, Rhapsody of Fire and Stratovarius. Furthermore, the vocals of Corry have all the warm nostalgia of Tony Kakko of old Sonata Arctica before they went dull, and it is these vocals which really set Fellowship apart from their peers because their melodies really do make these tracks memorable.

                ‘The Saberlight Chronicles’ does clock in at just over an hour, but for once, this is not an album which feels like it. Fellowship have got their career off to a real boost and fans of symphonic metal should grant themselves this boon.

"Fellowship have got their career off to a real boost"

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