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Thy Catafalque – ‘Vadek’

Season of Mist
Solefald, Ihsahn, Blut aus Nord, Enslaved, Subterranean Masquerade
Release Date
Season of Mist
Avant-Garde Metal

Genius isn’t exactly a word which should be batted around wildly. It is a word best reserved for the well… genius. One person who falls into that category is Tamás Kátai, the mastermind behind Thy Catafalque, the Hungarian avant-garde metal band who have released their latest album ‘Vadek’.

                Avant-garde is often a term for music that doesn’t exactly fit any boxes, usually this music is wacky, bizarre and strange for strange sake. However, that is actually unfair to Thy Catafalque and what is demonstrated through ‘Vadek’ is an exceptionally mature album which pushes its own musical boundaries whilst never coming anywhere near unlistenable. ‘Vadek’ is a hugely talented piece of music with tracks such as ‘Szarvas’, ‘Piros-sárga’ and the epic title track all combine in an orchestrated mass of atmospheric metal, pop, folk and jazz which is impossible to even begin to quantify within a genre. It may sound like a massively tall order, and it does work, but it won’t work for everyone. ‘Vadek’ is an album which requires almost undivided attention to full appreciate, but those who are inclined to musicality and appreciation of arrangements might just find something special here.

                ‘Vadek’ might be Thy Catafalque’s tenth studio album, but it certainly shows no sign of being stale or dull. This is an album where there is always something new to digest and just when you think you’ve taken it all in, something else appears. Therefore, ‘Vadek’ is an excellent album, just don’t expect it to have a broad appeal, but those within its niche will love every second.

"a superb album of niche avant-garde"

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