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Mulla – ‘جن’

Independent Release
Ghost Bath, Lamp of Murmuur, Ardhazulla, Consummatio, Lycopolis, جوخه مرگ
Release Date
Independent Release
Raw Black Metal

When anyone thinks of black metal, admit it, the mind automatically wanders to the Nordic countries; Norway, Sweden, Finland, these are the places where it is deep rooted into the very bedrock of metal. However, black metal is no longer just restricted to locations, it is now worldwide and of all the unlikely places for black metal to pop up is Iraq as Mulla released their third studio album ‘جن’.

                Now, when black metal uses the prefix ‘raw’, it can often mean that it is one bloke, in his parent’s basement recording some sort of dying gorilla through his phone as they try desperately to emulate Mayhem. Thankfully, with ‘جن’, this is not the case. Yes, ‘جن’ is raw and some might even say blue because its outside has been sealed, but inside it is still red raw and bleeding, but it is delivered with some panache which manages to sidestep the usual tropes as Mulla make it through just two tracks of raw black metal power. Speaking of tropes, this also isn’t your normal album of corpse paint, burning churches and Satan’s arse, the Arabic lyrics and imagery bring a different feel to the black metal sound, and it works quite well with the minor harmonic scales making a nice change from the endless barbarism from a wall of noise.

                Raw black metal plays a very niche role in the black metal subgenre, but Mulla have released something which is quite enjoyable. It isn’t going to fill out stadiums or shift records by the pallet load, but there are those who will adore every minute of this release.

"a niche album of raw black metal"

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