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Gomorran – ‘Excerpts from the Dark Ages’ EP

Inverse Records
The Mist from the Mountains, I Am the Night, Anima Hereticae, Voidfallen
Release Date
Inverse Records
Black/Death Metal

                Sometimes, one of the hardest things that somebody can do is return to something after a break. Yet, this did not even enter the minds of Olli Lappalainen and Joonatan Wiitasalo when they consciously returned to playing following a break as they put together Gomorran in 2019 and have now released their debut EP ‘Excerpts from the Dark Ages’.

                Thankfully, what Gomorran released here with ‘Excerpts…’ is not a typical album of death metal which has been drenched in gore and aiming to be as “brutal” as their peers with childlike lyrics and violent imagery. This EP is delivered through a lens of blackened death metal where tracks such as ‘Black Plague’, ‘Hail Caesar’ and ‘Hopeless Endeavor’ bring a real sense of historical grimness to the proceedings. However, this isn’t blasted through at a million miles an hour, through corpse paint and leather because these tracks are beautifully arranged and special mention has to go to the choral and string arrangements because in all honesty, it is these which really make Gomorran stand out.

                Gomorran have delivered a decent EP, these six tracks here on ‘Excerpts…’ are done very well and it sets a solid foundation stone for what will hopefully be debut studio album before too long.  

"sets a solid foundation stone for the future"

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