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Dorian Shroom – ‘Nothing is Sacred’

Independent Release
Khirki, Nightstalker, 1000mods, Moon Tooth
Release Date
Independent Release
Hard/Psychedelic Rock

Dorian Shroom describe themselves as “DIY” and “not so pure 70’s Rock ‘n’ Roll.” What this band from Xanthi, Greece didn’t bother to mention is they have apparently discovered a portal that channels all the best AOR music of the 70s, 80s, and possibly from years yet to come.

The result of borrowed equipment and a slew of helpful friends, ‘Nothing Is Sacred’ is a magical blend that evokes a bit of Zeppelin, a bit of Riverside, and all of my childhood’s best musical memories. Granted, my formative years probably predate yours. Still, the album is packed with guitars that both shimmer and scream, emotive vocals, and unrestrained ambition. ‘…Sacred’ is a stunning collection of beautiful arrangements that skitter and flow, raining black light halos. A testament to perseverance and love of the art, This. Album. Rocks.

 The band is clearly influenced by and emulates a handful of classic and Art rock deities. Yet, they manage to carve out their own grooves and blissfully bring you along for the ride. Each song is allowed to breathe and develop, each with its own edge and sheen.

Chris Diamantis’ vocals range from Classic Rock crooner to Daniel Davies (Year Long Disaster) while the band churns out flawless and challenging soundscapes. The inclusion of vocalist Marietta Soileme (Etta Soi) on “Unknown Love” is also a welcome addition. This album could be a long-lost collection of deep cuts. It’s like discovering your dad’s old dusty records for the first time. Except this is everyone’s first time. I truly hope it isn’t our last.

"this could easily be confused a cult album of 70's rock n' roll"

Come on in!

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