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And So I Watch You From Afar – ‘Jettison’

Velocity Records
Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, Alpha Male Tea Party, Maybeshewill
Release Date
Velocity Records
Post Rock

Ahhh, Post-Rock. You’ve heard it all before, right? Right? For almost 15 minutes of this album you’d probably still feel safe in your conviction. To be something special within the Post-Rock genre, you need the ‘incorporating straight-up Djent-esque chugs’ of Distant Dream, the ‘strangely isolated drum mix adding an uneasy melancholy to the sound’ of Explosions in the Sky, and this album doesn’t seem dispel that notion. Yet

Clues to the true quality of this album begin to appear in the form of Math Rock-inspired guitar fills that entice during the first 4 tracks, hinting at the more exciting nature still to come. Your patience is rewarded in track 6; ‘Submerge’ which suddenly changes the entire feel, kicking up the heavy, and bringing with it a crazy, shredded solo worthy of true greats (think Van Halen, Gilmour…)

Structuring an album in this way seems almost counterintuitive, as if there’s a conscious effort not to show the hand of the album for a significant portion; and yet… once you know what to expect, and dive in for a second listen, you realise exactly why this strange structure exists, and can truly appreciate the beautiful flow to the whole piece as one single item, something akin to a Shostakovich or Vaughan Williams symphony.

"A spectacular piece for the patient amongst us"

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