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Tygers of Pan Tang – ‘A New Heartbeat’ EP

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Tokyo Blade, Praying Mantis, Grim Reaper, Samson, Satan
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Mighty Music
Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

In the last 20 years, many veteran bands have been going through what can only be described as a career renaissance. Not only are these bands releasing top quality stuff, but they’re releasing arguably some of, if not THE best work of their career. One such band are Tygers of Pan Tang who on the back of their excellent 2019 ‘Ritual’ album are back with their latest EP ‘A New Heartbeat’.

                As expected, ‘A New Heartbeat’ is another excellent offering from the Tygers. This isn’t some fat, old tiger which has spent its days in captivity, in fact, it is the complete opposite because ‘A New Heartbeat’ thumps with all the spry energy of a tiger in its prime. The Tygers are the king of the jungle and they’re going to tell you. New tracks like ‘Red Mist’ and the title track roar with a youthful vigour whilst the re-recordings of ‘Fireclown’ and ‘Killers’ from 1980’s ‘Wild Cat’ are given a huge boost of power with Jacopo Meille having all the charisma and energy that was always missing from Jess Cox.

                Ultimately, ‘A New Heartbeat’ is an EP and at four tracks, it won’t cause a lot of listeners to run and purchase it. ‘A New Heartbeat’ is very good and what it actually does and on the strength of this, the next Tygers of Pan Tang release is something to massively anticipate.

"another excellent offering from the Tygers"

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