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Pist.On – ‘Cold World’ EP

Independent Release
Life of Agony, Kilgore, Kill II This, Helmet, Fudge Tunnel, Warrior Soul
Release Date
Independent Release
Alternative Rock/Metal

“What is dead may never die” a phrase that was batted about a few years ago when ‘Game of Thrones’ was at the height of its popularity. However, there is some truth to this notion because having initially split up in 2001, New York alternative metal band Pist.On have returned after a hiatus with their comeback EP ‘Cold World’.

                There is a strange irony that this review is being written in the middle of a heatwave where it is anything but a cold world because at the moment it is currently hotter than Satan’s ringpiece after a vindaloo. There is something comforting about ‘Cold World’, this EP picks up a nostalgic zeitgeist sound from the alternative sound of the late 90’s and early 2000’s and the three tracks here perfectly show what Pist.On are all about, tracks like ‘Ruin Your Day’ and the title track show a band comfortable with their sound having all the enjoyability of Life of Agony, Kilgore and Kill II This.

                 ‘Cold World’ sounds exactly, well, like Pist.On and therefore there are no surprises, but it does set Pist.On perfectly for what is hopefully going to be a third studio album in the future. It has been too long, and the fans are more than ready.

"Pist.On are set perfectly up for their third album"

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