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Vomit Forth – ‘Seething Malevolence’

Century Media Records
Scattered Remnants, Dying Fetus, Internal Bleeding, Skinless
Release Date
July 8, 2022
Century Media Records
Brutal Death Metal

These days, brutal is often a word thrown about to describe something raw, wriggling and a lot of the time something that is not very good, a bunch of teenagers in a garage with their amps too high whilst the barely audible vocalist makes all the noises of a rutting rhino. However, true brutality is a skill and when delivered correctly it is a chef’s kiss of appreciation. One such band are Vomit Forth, who on the back of two warmly received EP’s have returned with their debut album ‘Seething Malevolence’.

                What Vomit Forth deliver here with ‘Seething Malevolence’ is an orgy of pure violence as the Connecticut band creep up from behind and bang the listener on the back of the head like Peter Sutcliffe and his claw hammer. This is gore drenched brutal death metal done well as it punctures the listener over and over again like an overkill of stab wounds on a corpse with tracks such as ‘Severely Wounded’, ‘Predatory Savior’ and ‘Pain Tolerance’ perfectly showing what Vomit Forth can achieve nodding in appreciation to the likes of Dying Fetus, Internal Bleeding and Scattered Remnants.

However, there isn’t anything really here that fans of brutal death metal fans will not have heard already, but what they will find a well-oiled machine oozing with familiarity that is like slipping on a pair of skin gloves and fans of this genre will find something great to listen to.

"like slipping on a pair of skin gloves"

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