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Celestial Wizard – ‘Winds of the Cosmos’

Independent Release
Holy Grail, Solarfall, Gauntlet Rule, Graveshadow, Adamantis, Amoth
Release Date
July 15, 2022
Independent Release
Heavy/Power Metal

Many bands start out under a different name, they progress and realise maybe that name doesn’t quite fit the original vision that band set out with. One band to experience this are Solarfall who changed their name to Celestial Wizard back in 2018 and now, the Colorado heavy/power metal band are back with their sophomore album ‘Winds of the Cosmos’.

                It may have been nearly four years with a global pandemic in between fucking everything up since Celestial Wizard released their debut album but this has not deterred the Denver band from doing what they do best. This means that ‘Winds of the Cosmos’ is another offering showing that when it comes to making decent heavy metal with power metal leanings, Celestial Wizard know what they are doing. Furthermore, what makes this album stand out are the blackened vocal deliveries from both Nick Haberthier and Amethyst Noir on tracks such as ‘Revenant’, ‘Steel Chrysalis’ and the title track. However, there are some over familiar sounds here, there’s a moment during ‘Eternal Scourge’ which isn’t too far removed from ‘Electric Eye’ by Judas Priest and ‘Cyberhawk’ has all the background keyboards of ‘Holding Out for a Hero’ by Bonnie Tyler which is quite amusing once you can hear it.

                ‘Winds of the Cosmos’ is a decent album. It doesn’t exactly break any barriers, but it holds heavily onto its guns sitting safely within its comfort zone and any fan of power metal with a blackened vocal delivery will find this an interesting and enjoyable listen.

"an interesting and enjoyable listen"

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