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Black Capricorn – ‘Cult of Blood’

Majestic Mountain Records
Cathedral, Sleep, Electric Wizard, Orchid, Sancta Sanctorum, Caronte, Haunted
Release Date
July 15, 2022
Majestic Mountain Records
Psychedelic Doom Metal

Perched in the Mediterranean Sea just west of Italy, Sardinia is a beautiful island with pristine beaches where the crystal-clear waters lap at your feet. Well, that is before Black Capricorn arrived. Black Capricorn bring their psychedelic doom metal and a piece of the Californian desert right into the heart of Cagliari as the band return with ‘Cult of Blood’, their first full-length studio album since 2017.

                ‘Cult of Blood’ is an album which rattles the very foundations of Cagliari. With fuzz laden basslines and primordial riffage, ‘Cult of Blood’ is an album which continues very much in the veins that fans of Black Capricorn have become accustomed to. As an album, ‘Cult of Blood’ is a powerful slab of old-school doom metal, overloaded with distortion with enough pot-tinged edges to give this enough of a psychedelic 60’s vibe to make this enjoyable. Tracks such as ‘Worshipping the Bizarre Reverend’, ‘Godsnake Djamballah’ and ‘Secret Society of Seven’ have all the appeal of the Italian doom scene with the likes of Sancta Sanctorum, Haunted and Lizard Queen whilst also nodding to more international beasts such as Sleep, Orchid and Cathedral with vocalist Kjxu delivering the sort of performance which would make Lee Dorrian proud.

                Black Capricorn stick well and truly to their guns with ‘Cult of Blood’. It’s a solid album of psychedelic doom metal; it doesn’t push any boundaries, but ‘Cult of Blood’ will be very enjoyable for those versed in doom ways, so sit back and smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.

"a solid album of psychedelic doom metal"

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