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Hatriot – ‘The Vale of Shadows’

Massacre Records
Exodus, Testament, Death Angel, Evile, Flotsam and Jetsam, 4Arm, Meshiaak
Release Date
July 22, 2022
Massacre Records
Thrash Metal

We know our rock and metal stars are getting older when their children start to pick up instruments, get their own bands together and begin forging their own path in the musical world. Just over a decade ago, this was the case with Hatriot, the Californian thrash band which features Cody and Nick Souza, the sons of a certain Steve Souza who are back for the first time since 2019 with their latest album ‘The Vale of Shadows’.

                As an album, ‘The Vale…’ picks up almost exactly where ‘From Days unto Darkness’ left off as Hatriot pick up that loose thread from the pre-COVID days and run freely with it. This means that ‘The Vale…’ is another jackhammer of pure thrash metal done the way that fans of the genre will love as the Bay Area thrashers reach into the past and keep it real whilst giving this album a real undercurrent of modern thrash which shows that these are a bunch of musicians with their fingers on the pulse with enough well-placed growls to make ‘The Vale…’ stand tall. Tracks such as ‘Horns & Halos’, ‘Only Red Remains’ and ‘Murderous Tranquility’ roar forward with all the enjoyability of the likes of Destruction, Death Angel and of course Exodus as Cody Souza shows his pedigree once more by delivering a vocal performance that Zetro would be proud of.  

                With ‘The Vale…’, Hatriot album shown once again that they are capable of standing with the best. This is an excellent album of aggressive thrash metal delivered exactly as it should be and the future is definitely in safe hands.

"an excellent album of aggressive thrash metal delivered exactly as it should be"

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