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Eric Wagner – ‘In The Lonely Light of Mourning’

Cruz Del Sur Music
Trouble, The Skull, Blackfinger, Saint Vitus, Cathedral
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Cruz Del Sur Music
Doom Metal

How to comment on the work of someone who has passed away? Especially when it is the work of such a legend. Eric Wagner left an indelible mark on Doom Metal and music in general. My friend Adam wrote a fine tribute to Mr. Wagner when he passed away earlier last year: 

Heaven on Our Mind: A Tribute to Eric Wagner (1959-2021) – Metal Digest – The Normless Magazine (  

If you are just discovering Eric or his work with Trouble or Doom Metal in general, this album is wrought with undeniable power and beauty and is the perfect pathway. Whatever your penchant, Sleep, Ruby the Hatchet, or Black Sabbath, this album will fill all the voids, sending you to a wondrous plane of the loveliest despair and haunting enlightenment. 

Each song aches with gargantuan riffs that crush and wholly satisfy, and Wagner’s voice sounds as pristine as in his first days. The albumstays firmly rooted in the Doomy realm we all expect yet throws in plenty of variation.At one turn, it is dark and brooding (Rest In Place”) then sparse and morose (If You Lost It All.”)  “Wish You Well” is outright peppy by Doom standards and closes the album on a (lighter?) note. Yeah, let’s go with that.

Perhaps the most striking element here is the lyrics. Lines such as “A breath of wind. Here at the end. We’ve come full circle, my friend” or “Where will I be this time tomorrow If I die today Will you remember I was even here” offer a glimpse into Eric’s thoughts. One can only surmise his mindset when composing these songs. I understand his previous words were generally not exactly on the cheery side, but somehow this album’s lyrics cut a little deeper. A majestic epitaph, this isn’t so much a Doom album but a wonderful remembrance of a man’s life and the life he gave to others.

"A majestic epitaph"

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