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Whiplash – ‘Whiplash: The Roadrunner Years’ (CD Reissue)

Dissonance Productions
Razor, Overkill, Rigor Mortis, Hirax, EvilDead, Nuclear Assault
Release Date
July 22, 2022
Dissonance Productions
Thrash Metal

                The thrash metal scene is often far too dominated by the so-called ‘Big 4’. Occasionally this is abutted by the likes of Testament, Overkill and Exodus or the European powerhouse of Kreator and Destruction et al. But as we all know, thrash metal is much more than just these 10 or so bands; one band which delivered consistent work throughout the late 80’s was Whiplash, and this year has Dissonance Productions celebrating the band’s first three albums with a physical version of ‘Whiplash: The Roadrunner Years’ compilation.

                Whiplash really laid down the thrash  gauntlet with their first three albums; the seminal ‘Power & Pain’ (1986), ‘Ticket to Mayhem’ (1987) and ‘Insult to Injury’ (1989) and whilst the band never quite hit the heights of ‘Power & Pain’ again, ‘…The Roadrunner Years’ does a beautiful job at compiling these three releases into one excellent compilation, particularly as the latter two albums can be relatively difficult to get hold of. However, what ‘…The Roadrunner Years’ really shows is a band in their prime and on top of their game with thrashing anthems that have often gone overlooked such as ‘Perpetual Warfare’, ‘Nailed to the Cross’ and ‘Hiroshima’.

                ‘…The Roadrunner Years’ provides a comprehensive cover of the golden years of Whiplash and whilst the band are never put in the same league as Metallica or Slayer; there is a real honest charm of integrity throughout this album with thrash metal delivered the way it was meant to be, raw, aggressive and loaded with social observations’ and any thrash fan would do well to pick this up.

"an essential compilation of Whiplash's golden years"

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