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Incite – ‘Wake Up Dead’

Atomic Fire Records
Cavalera Conspiracy, Sepultura, Soulfly, Lamb of God, Nailbomb, Exhorder
Release Date
Atomic Fire Records
Thrash/Groove Metal

The latest in a slew of outstanding offerings, ‘Wake Up Dead’ is an absolute head-slapping, split-lip bludgeoning. Every track (and I do mean every track) is filled with relentless aggression and pinpoint grooves. Lyrics are surprisingly poignant and personal and could easily be attributed to almost anyone’s life. ‘Wake…’ is a testimony to the band’s perseverance and how they have matured since their debut, ‘The Slaughter.’

Vocalist Richie Cavalera, (yes, kin to that Cavalera) passionately sings, screams and shrieks brilliantly yet maintains an unparalleled sense of melody. A family trait no doubt. Max Cavalera lends his voice (and cred) to the single “War Soup.” Not that the band needs it, but a little name recognition never hurt, right? On this track, it’s difficult to tell who the star is. Best to let it and the rest of the album wash over you.

Songs like “Sucker Punched” and “Mental Destruction” sound like a blender spinning early Pantera and LA’s Amen. In other words…off the rails with steamroller precision. Songs like “Fallen” and “Built To Destroy” are more sophisticated offerings. More complex and laced with almost elegant countermelodies, these tracks demonstrate the band’s artistic progression. Fear not; aside from the acoustic intro on “Destruction,” there is nary a calm moment.

‘Wake…’ is as brutal as it is genuine. Remarkable musicianship, songwriting, and production. Highly recommended.

"‘Wake Up Dead’ is as brutal as it is genuine"

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