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Deathwhite – ‘Grey Everlasting’

Season of Mist
Katatonia, Ghost Brigade, Anathema, The Foreshadowing, Arcnaut, Rapture
Release Date
Season of Mist
Melodic Doom/Gothic Metal

We are currently sitting in the grips of a heatwave; it isn’t pleasant and it is currently hotter than Satan’s hairy bollocks. Therefore, is there a better time to invest in some death/doom metal? This is heavy metal air conditioning as it brings the winter months along with it. This year has Deathwhite following up ‘Grave Image’ their critically acclaimed 2020 album with their latest offering of melancholy ‘Grey Everlasting’.

Deathwhite have never been a band afraid to get stuck in. Crushing tones and powerful guitar riffs and thunderous drums are the order of the day here with ‘Grey Everlasting’ as the band descend a fog all around them. Are those trees poking out of the gloam of the morning mist? No, that is the melody behind the riff and the mist, well, that’s the vocals as track such as ‘White Sleep’, ‘Earthtomb’ and the title track bring in all the appeal of early Ghost Brigade, Katatonia and Anathema, you know, before they lost their way, dallying around with whatever post rock nonsense they do these days.

                If you’re the sort of person who longs for the 90’s when death/doom bands were at their peak, then ‘Grey Everlasting’ is a good sound which brings death/doom into the 21st century without being a cookie cutter of the past. Furthermore, in this heat, it’s a good way to regulate the temperature, remember to bring your goths indoors, put water down for them to drink and don’t leave them in a locked car with the windows up.

"top drawer death/doom metal"

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