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Mantar – ‘Pain is Forever and This is the End’

Metal Blade Records
Mortals, Bølzer, Celeste, Downfall of Gaia, Wolvhammer, Tombs
Release Date
July 15, 2022
Metal Blade Records
Sludge/Black Metal

There are things that happen which are sometimes like pulling teeth. Nothing quite works the way it was meant to be, the square peg doesn’t quite fit that round hole and cat will not voluntarily go into its carry box. This is the struggle that Mantar faced with the creation of their latest album ‘Pain is Forever’ and This is the End’.

                With this is in mind, Mantar know that this album was a difficult album to put together and wrought with personal issues. Yet, unlike a lot of issues which spoil over into an album where the listener can feel the tension and anxiety throughout, ‘Pain is Forever…’ is the complete opposite. This an album where the listener finds those personal issues empowering, the darkness within powers this album forward with tracks such as ‘New Age Pagan’, ‘Grim Reaping’ and ‘Hang ‘Em Low (So the Rats Can Get ‘Em)’ bringing all that venom forth in a wave of sludge so thick that it clings to everything before following it up with a barrage of blackness and death that has all the appeal of Mortals, Celeste and Bølzer whilst also widening its horizons able to bring an audience in from the post-metal world.

                ‘Pain is Forever…’ may have begun life is a disjointed, difficult album, but it has ended up as nothing short of magnificent, it is enjoyable throughout where the listener can feel every single nuance, every emotional slice of pain that stands tall in the light following its dark path and if you like sludge/black/post metal this is arguably one of the best albums of the year.

"arguably one of the best sludge/black/post metal albums of the year"

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