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Downset – ‘Maintain’

Nuclear Blast
Biohazard, Prophets of Rage, Body Count, Rage Against the Machine, Ice-T, Senser
Release Date
Nuclear Blast
Alternative/Rap Metal/Hardcore

                The late 80’s/early 90’s was something of a watershed moment for heavy metal; this was the time where subgenres exploded, black, death, progressive and power all had their role to play. But this was also a time when rap, funk and alternative began to fuse with existing sounds which began to take metal in a rather unexpected direction. One band at the forefront of this were downset who are back after a period of inactivity to deliver their latest album ‘Maintain’.

                With the world in chaos, a new album from downset is exactly what it needs. Sound wise, ‘Maintain’ sticks to its guns, this is a band comfortable with blending elements of hip-hop, metal and hardcore, wrapping them up into one big package which hits the listener right between the eyes, holds them open a la ‘A Clockwork Orange’ and forces them to take in not just social issues at a local level, but also the wider implications of this. Tracks such as ‘Blackest of Days’, ‘Wreck It’ and ‘The Place to Be’ strut about the place, commanding the speakers with all the power of Biohazard, Senser and Body Count whilst moments like ‘Positive Mind’, ‘New Respect’ and ‘Your Power’ bring about an empowerment to the listener with a message to get across in the vein of Ice-T, Rage Against the Machine and Prophets of Rage.

                ‘Maintain’ is not some blast of nostalgia from the past. This is the sound of a band standing tall in the modern era with a message equally, if not more important today than ever before and if you’re looking for a band to really get that fist pumping, then ‘Maintain’ is a decent, fresh choice.

"downset begin to take the power back"

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