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Aenimus – ‘Sacrificial’ EP

Nuclear Blast
In Fear and Faith, Vitalism, Persephone, Killswitch Engage
Release Date
Nuclear Blast
Progressive Metalcore/Extreme Metal

Aenimus have pulled their socks up with sharp and choppy EP “Sacrificial”. Finesse and panache are soaked into the fabric of these three tracks. Transcending metalcore with the power and oomph of the modern metal sound. Ranging from open and vast to short and choppy with the conjunction of some juicy djenty eloquence.

Blending clean and harsh vocals, blastbeats, progressive time and riffs, intricately with harmonised guitars, guitar solos, ruthless low growls and a very accomplished feel, Aenimus have created a throne to sit upon, to take pride in their music. The pure diversity in the texture of these tracks is very commendable. Harsh vocals are strong and well produced, while the impeccably pitched cleans ring some bells with bands such as In Fear and Faith, and All That Remains. The synchronized instrumental sections, and orchestral editions exemplify the reaches of the genre that “Sacrificial” has extended to.

The middle track ‘Wasteland’ certainly holds prominence in this EP, perhaps due to the inclusion of David Benites’ feature. Benites is a world renowned extreme vocalist and vocal coach, and his screaming abilities are unparalleled in the modern world. His distinctive high screams can be heard soaring above the mix with the eclectic malice and glee that you’d expect from him. Featuring this man certainly will certainly boost the reputation of this EP. Alongside this aspect, the instrumentalism in ‘Wasteland’ purely demonstrates a coherent mastery of the style, with melodies weighing up dissonance and consonance beautifully.

“Sacrificial” ‘s instrumental facets relate strongly to progressive metal and djent bands such as Vitalism, Plini and Persephone. These mystical influences are an ironclad mark of quality and expertise, with melodies cascading off each other intricately yet abrasively. Moreover, the production is crisp and tasty, with the frequencies of every instrument brought to the fore, and flaunted impressively.

Although it may be preferable in some sections to let the music breathe a little more, with vaster, more expansive sections allowing ambience to build before kicking it back in again, this is purely a listener’s subjective preference. It is difficult to find a flaw in this EP.

"Aenimus reveal stunning progressive metalcore EP 'Sacrificial'"

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