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Palace – ‘One 4 the Road’

Frontiers Records
Harem Scarem, Lionville, degreed, The Poodles, Reckless Love, Find Me, Cruzh
Release Date
July 15, 2022
Frontiers Records
Melodic/Hard Rock

                When it comes to good vibes, feel good party time melodic/hard rock, then no country seems to do it better than Sweden. Bollocks to IKEA and ABBA; this sound is the best export that Sweden offers and one band which does this better than anybody else are Palace as the band release their latest album ‘One 4 the Road’.

                Once more with talented multi-musician Michael Palace at the helm, this album continues to show that when it comes to upbeat anthemic melodic rock with enough touches of hard rock and AOR to it, Palace are up there with the best. ‘One 4 the Road’ is an album of 11 tracks clocking in at under 45 minutes meaning that it never outstays its welcome and therefore, the listener will have it around to their house over and over again as tracks such as ‘Westbound’, ‘Fifteen Minutes’ and ‘World Gone Mad’ show a band with all the enjoyability of Harem Scarem, The Poodles and Reckless Love whilst also nodding towards other Frontiers Records acts like Lionville, Find Me and Cruzh.

                There obviously isn’t anything here that the listener will not have heard before, but when it is delivered like this, ‘One 4 the Road’ is hard to beat. This is an album which the listener can put on time and time again and it’ll still hit that sweet spot, so smoke ‘em if you got ‘em because we’re having one more for the road Jack!

"an album which can be put on time and time again"

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