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Orianthi – ‘Live from Hollywood’

Frontiers Records
Stevie Ray Vaughan, Richie Sambora, Nita Strauss, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Laura Cox
Release Date
July 15, 2022
Frontiers Records

                Anyone who believes that the guitar hero is dead is a moron. Fact. They probably also believe that music ended in 1993 and has been shit ever since. See? Moron. One guitarist who has found themselves well and truly in the guitar hero category is Orianthi who not only has an impressive resume with artists they’ve played with, but has also been capable of releasing decent albums, the latest of which being ‘O’ in 2020. This year has Orianthi returning with their first live album, ‘Live from Hollywood’ recorded earlier in 2022.

                ‘Live from Hollywood’ sees Orianthi and her band in full flight and in just under an hour, the guitarist delivers tight and beautiful performances from their back catalogue as Orianthi moves from raucous hard rock through to soulful blues and back again without ever breaking stride. This is Orianthi’s raw talents on display with the guitarist showing that they’re also no slouch at fronting a band as Orianthi interacts with the crowd on an intimate level, showing that whether in a stadium or small venue, the listener is going to get a show.

                With a new studio album slated for next year, ‘Live from Hollywood’ is a nice little stopgap for Orianthi and provides something for fans to get their teeth into whilst they wait for that new album. ‘Live from Hollywood’ will therefore only really appeal to those dyed in the wool Orianthi fans, but they will find a beautiful, intimate performance where it feels as if Orianthi delivers it just for them.

"a beautiful, intimate performance"

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