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Mike Tramp and the Rock ‘N’ Roll Circus – ‘Stand Your Ground’ (Vinyl Reissue)

Target Records
White Lion, Freak of Nature, Cruzh, Thunder, Bonfire
Release Date
July 15, 2022
Target Records
Hard Rock

Mike Tramp has had an interesting career, from White Lion in the 80’s through Freak of Nature in the 90’s and then into a solo career which saw Tramp pushing himself to conquer new territories and evolve himself as both a singer and a songwriter. Eleven years ago, Mike Tramp released ‘Stand Your Ground’ under the moniker of Mike Tramp and the Rock ‘N’ Roll Circus and now Target Records will be releasing this album on vinyl for the first time ever.

                Of course, if you are not a vinyl collector and it is not your medium of choice, then stop reading now because this is all about those big black circles. Although, only released in 2011, ‘Stand Your Ground’ has been remastered to give it just that little more oomph that may have been missing in the modern era. Furthermore, those who are fanatical about vinyl will find ‘Stand Your Ground’ released as a double LP available in splatter magenta/black and splatter crystal/blue/black vinyl for your choice. Hell, why not get both?

                ‘Stand Your Ground’ is very much Mike Tramp doing what he does best and for those who like to grab vinyl, it offers the opportunity to own it for the very first time on this medium. However, it is strictly limited edition, so you’ll need to get ordering.

"offers the opportunity to own it for the very first time on vinyl"

Come on in!

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