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For the first time ever a music magazine is diving into your first times. Well, there’s a first for everything.

Today we are hosting: Troy Spiropoulos of SLOW BURNING CAR

First thing you do in the morning.

Go to the bathroom

The first time you realized you wanted to be a musician.

When I heard KISS at 4 years old

The first album you fell in love with.


Your first treasured piece of music equipment.

1955 Fender Precision Bass (My first girlfriend…I named her “EVE” and I still have her)

The first time you met a music idol.

I met The Scorpions at LAX in 1989

Your first YouTube video.

The first person you text when you are in trouble.

My Father

The first thing you do after wrapping a live show.

Tear down my gear

The first thing you’ll do after completing this interview.

Eat Chocolate

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Come on in!

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