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Black Void – ‘Antithesis’

Nuclear Blast
Nite, Midnight, Venom, Devil Master, Deathwhite
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Nuclear Blast

                There is good and there is evil, yin and yang, black and white and the balance must always be kept in the middle. Not quite sure what movie that is paraphrased from. Whatever. Last year White Void released a stunning album of old-school 70’s sounding hard rock with their debut album ‘Anti’ to a resounding applause. However, they were not done, there was too much white and they needed to balance it out and thus Black Void was created with the band releasing their debut album ‘Antithesis’

                What Black Void deliver here is not an album of 1970’s style retro rock with occult leanings as they pontificate irony like Blue Ӧyster Cult. No, ‘Antithesis’ is black/punk, the two genres melding together to create the total opposite and just like ‘Anti’, ‘Antithesis’ is fucking good at what it does. The listener would be easily fooled into thinking this was a completely different band as Black Void debate philosophy and nihilism delivered through raw aggression and power where tracks such as ‘Reject Everything’, ‘Death to Morality’ and ‘Tenebrism of Life’ are meted out with all the power of Devil Master, Midnight and Nite with an undercurrent of Venom to top things off.

                Just like White Void last year, Black Void have released a decent album of black/punk which nicely balances out the Void universe and it will be really interesting how both bands work going forward.

"White Void/Black Void, the balance has been restored"

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