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Nova Twins – ‘Supernova’

Marshall Records
Hands Off Gretel, Pinkshift, Creeper, Poppy, RedHook, PVRIS
Release Date
Marshall Records
Alternative/Punk/Rap Rock/Nu Metal

The Nova Twins have returned with their latest album, ‘Supernova’, so crank up the volume and settle in with your favorite beverage.

‘Supernova’ is a well produced, and easily accessible album that should appeal to a wide audience with their very crisp, but rebellious alternative sound. The album is started with an intro track that nicely sets the scene for how the rest of the album will be, with very produced electronic sounds with an alternative, and somewhat heavy overtone to it. The first full track, ‘Antagonist’, is a decent track that really allows Nova Twins the room to explore their sound, with the industrial-esque / Dub-Step electronics, with a Nu Metal overtone to give it the edge it needs to keep the pace fast. The running theme throughout the album is a very rebellious “You can’t stop this” attitude that takes elements of a multitude of genres, from RnB to more alternative genres. A perfect example of this genre-mash-up would be the song ‘Puzzles’, which sounds very much akin to a mash up between Die Antwoord and a heavier Muse song, and although saying that sounds like it would be a horrid mix, Nova Twins manage to pull this off with ease to produce a sound that would give anyone a difficult time to put them into a box.

All in all, a good and accessible album that should build them a good fanbase from a wide section of the music loving world.

"a good and accessible album"

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