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Within Temptation – ‘Don’t Pray For Me’ EP

Spinefarm Records/Force Music Recordings
Delain, Epica, Nemesea
Release Date
July 8, 2022
Spinefarm Records/Force Music Recordings
Symphonic/Alternative Rock

Firstly, it must be addressed that although this EP is eight tracks long, only the title track ‘Don’t Pray for Me’ and its accompanying instrumental version are new releases. The other tracks included are three previously released singles, (also including their subsequent instrumental versions) – which also each came out as separate EP’s – ‘Shed my Skin’, ‘The Purge’, and ‘Entertain Me’. This is a little frustrating, any fan exited about a whole new EP will be disappointed to discover only two of the eight ‘new’ tracks are actually…well, new.

Within Temptation often release their tracks in instrumental form alongside the regular releases, offering a unique insight into the complexities of the musicianship behind each song, something you don’t always get with other bands, and they easily hold their own against the lyrical versions.

As for the tracks with vocals, as always, Sharon del Adel’s hauntingly beautiful voice compliments the lyrical themes and instrument work perfectly. German metalcore Annisokay frontmen Rudi Schwarzer and Christoph Wiezorek add their own layer of impressive vocal work to the mix in ‘Shed My Skin’. The two bands have clearly met their match with this stunning anthem.

Overall, it is a truly remarkable release – brilliant production, unique and exciting instrumental work, incredible vocals, everything we have come to expect from Within Temptation. However, it unfortunately feels a little overshadowed by the fact that it is mostly just a collection of re-releases.

"two excellent new tracks overshadowed by a load of re-releases"

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