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Stone Broken – ‘Revelation’

Spinefarm Records
Black Stone Cherry, Rival Sons, Nickelback, Those Damn Crows, Mason Hill, Tremonti
Release Date
Spinefarm Records
Hard Rock

One their first two albums, Stone Broken were England’s answer to Black Stone Cherry mixed with a bit of Black Country Communion. With ‘Revelation,’ they retain the Hard Rock overtones, but expand their sound even further. At first listen, the album is fairly by the numbers, but there is a certain air of sincerity that demands repeat spins. Songs are urgent, edgy, and engaging, each establishing its own personality. (Almost) every song is filled with sweeping hooks, is immensely satisfying, and wrapped up blissful familiarity. I would be disingenuous, however, if I didn’t say a few marks were missed. “Me Without You” and “Stronger” will probably not appeal this magazine’s readers, but pretty much everything else either rocks, rolls, or enthralls. Trust me; listen to the whole thing and their previous work. Stone Broken has the “it” factor.

 Rich Moss provides perfectly textured vocals. Part grit, part glimmer and a smattering of Warren Haynes (at least to my ear). The band, in kind, provides a soundscape that is heartily rollicking with a pristine punch. I must single out drummer/vocalist Robyn Haycock. In my opinion, her voice steals the show and the heart. Guys, if you are reading this, give the mic to Robyn more often. The woman is an absolute jewel. 

There is an intangible allure about this band. Call it a journalistic sixth sense. I realize the album is the result of a studio outing, but somehow the band’s chemistry pulls just the right strings. You won’t find a lot of unexplored avenues, but you will find a lot to enjoy. Good Rock and good vibes. Consider me a new fan.

"Good Rock and good vibes"

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