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Shinedown – ‘Planet Zero’

Atlantic Records
Theory of a Deadman, Pop Evil, Seether, Saving Abel, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace
Release Date
July 1, 2022
Atlantic Records
Hard/Pop/Arena/Alternative Rock

The acclaimed Jacksonville, Florida band needs no introduction with Shinedown have more than 10 million albums sold over two decades. Their last album may have been 2018, but every single managing to hit the top five on the Billboard. This year has Shinedown returning with their latest album ‘Planet Zero’.

As an album, ‘Planet Zero’ is a mixture of both rock and punk alongside some tracks which don’t exactly fit in any box, for example, ‘A Symptom of Being Human’ is a ballad that is both weird and ambiguous with the lyrics being so out of this world they’re almost Orwellian whilst ‘War of The Worlds’ feels both personal and poignant with a foreboding sense of dystopia and despair in equal measure. This is all delivered with a female robotic voice joining the tracks together. Yes, this initially makes it feel alien and sci-fi, but it fits very well, and the listener does eventually come to like it as the album plays on. Furthermore, there are parts here where Shinedown do what they do best and ‘Dead Don’t Die’ is an arena-ready anthem cocked, loaded and ready to fire. However, ‘Planet Zero’ does get a little too ‘pop’ at times with its ridiculously high polish production with ‘Hope’ being a total rock anomaly, but hey, Shinedown have earned the right to a clunker, right? Yet, as an album, it does show the diversity and evolution that the band are willing to explore to get their music across.

‘Planet Zero’ is an album of 20 songs which can be listened to back-to-back, all mixed up on shuffle or singularly in playlist and still manage to grasp what the album is all about. It will appeal to fans of rock music of all ages and ultimately, it is a disjointed and dysfunctional delight!

"a disjointed and dysfunctional delight"

Come on in!

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